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Earn a Certification & Boost Your Career

Set yourself apart from the competition with a specialized Certification that will give you skills applicable to multiple domains.

After completing the Certification, you’ll have the knowledge necessary to excel in your current position and the  skills needed to prepare you for that next big promotion.

Disclaimer: Please note that participation in all courses and certifications through the Stoops Colab at FSU College of Law (a) will not result in a degree from, alumni status with, or earned credit at Florida State University or FSU College of Law (or, to FSU’s knowledge, any other institution), (b) will not be recorded on a Florida State University or FSU College of Law transcript, and (c) does not guarantee or suggest that a participant will be admitted to Florida State University, FSU College of Law, or to any other university or institution.

Certification in Employment & Human Resources Law

You will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of employment and human resources law after a thorough review of statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions.

Certification in Privacy Law & Policy

You will gain understanding of the landscape of U.S. privacy laws to a deeper dive into specific industries including medical, financial, education and telecommunications.

Certification in Sports & Entertainment Law

More information coming soon.

healthcare law certification badge

Certification in Healthcare Law

More information coming soon.

certification in real estate law badge

Certification in Real Estate Law

More information coming soon.

certification in insurance law badge

Certification in Insurance Law

More information coming soon.

Custom Certifications for Organizations

A custom Certification is available for organizations seeking a specialized training curriculum for their employees. Organizations can pick and choose from all the courses to create a Certification that will uniquely help them. If you are interested, please contact us.