Certification in

Health Care Law

Be More Competitive in a Highly Competitive Industry

Do you work in the health care industry and want to make sure you are compliant with the constantly changing laws that regulate your industry?  The courses in the Certification in Health Care Law are taught by lawyers who are experts in the field, but are bult for non-lawyers providing an overview of the statutory foundations, as well as the most recent policy changes in the health care sector.

Professionals who complete this Certification will gain a better understanding of the statutes, regulations and legal aspects of modern health care reform.  Participants will explore the process of licensing and regulation of health care organizations, with a specific focus on Florida.  In addition to analyzing the privacy and data protection laws that will protect organizations and clients, participants will be provided practical insight into how compliance professionals can navigate the complex landscape of privacy requirements to best protect their health care organization.

A Certification in Health Care Law from the FSU College of Law will provide you the skills and credentialing necessary to advance in your career and deepen your understanding of the legal aspects of your industry.  Enroll and start learning today and add a credential from the FSU College of Law to your resume.


4 Course Certification

You have 2 years to complete all the courses required for the Certification. 

Consequences of Not Protecting Health Care Data

Bill Dillon

Understanding the Florida Health Care Regulatory Process

Cynthia Tunnicliff

What You Should Know about Health Care Litigation

Mark Thomas

Total: $1,900

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