Certification in

Employment & Human Resources Law

Learn What it Takes to Protect Your Organization

The Certification in Employment and Human Resources Law is for professionals and business owners who need to learn about topics including:

  • The constitutional concepts and laws governing workplace privacy.
  • The processes and goals of workplace investigations.
  • The foundations of the statutes which prohibit workplace discrimination.

You will learn from top lawyers thereby gaining real, practical knowledge that will actually help your organization.

What You Need to Know About Employment and Human Resources Law

There are many laws that protect employees that you need to know about.

They include the following issues:

  • Discrimination
  • Wrongful Termination
  • Workplace Safety
  • Overtime and Benefits
  • Medical Leave

You must know how to navigate through all of these issues so you can protect your organization from civil lawsuits.

What a Certification Does For You

You will understand the fundamentals of employment and human resources law after a thorough review of statutes, regulations, and judicial decisions. 

Through your understanding and expertise in legal compliance regarding employment and human resources law, you can increase your status as an asset to your team and position yourself for a promotion or new job opportunity.


4 Course Certification

You have 2 years to complete all the courses required for the Certification. 

Fundamentals in Employment and Human Resources Law

Brad deBeaubien

Employment Discrimination

Rob Sniffen & Jeff Slanker

Workplace Privacy: Your Business’ Rights and Liabilities

Greg Hearing & Kevin Sullivan

Total: $2,850

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