Certification in

Privacy Law & Policy

Every Organization Needs an Expert in Privacy

The Certification in Privacy Law and Policy is for professionals and business owners who need to learn about topics including:

  • How to create your organization’s privacy policy and how privacy laws affect the work environment
  • Consumer rights and state-specific privacy laws 
  • The common threats to information and data security.
  • The landscape of U.S. privacy laws including a deeper dive into specific industries including medical, financial, education and telecommunications.

You will learn from top lawyers thereby gaining real, practical knowledge that will actually help your organization.

What You Need to Know About Privacy Law & Policy

Privacy laws have complicated business for years to come. The following two new factors have made everything even more complicated:

  1. The stringent GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which is a directive of the EU.
  2. The COVID-19 Pandemic increased how much personal information is available online.

Every business utilizes data that must be carefully handled to avoid facing legal compliance issues. Knowing how to manage these issues is crucial to protect your organizations from massive and costly lawsuits. 

Register for this Certification to protect your organization and level up in your career.

What a Certification Does For You

After completing the Certification, you will have the knowledge necessary to excel in your current position and the skills needed to prepare you for that next big promotion.

As an Official Training Partner of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), this Certification will prepare you for the CIPP exam on your path to becoming a Certified Information Privacy Professional.

An Official IAPP Training Partner


5 Course Certification

You have 2 years to complete all the courses required for the Certification. You will choose one course from the “Limits on the Private Sector” courses as it relates to the field of your interest.

Workplace Privacy and Its Ramifications to Your Business

Greg Hearing & Kevin Sullivan

Government and Court Access to Private Sector Information

Chris Burris

What Every Organization’s Privacy Policy Should Include

Bill Dillon

The Fundamentals of Informational Privacy and Security for All Businesses

Bill Dillon

Limits on the Private Sector: Navigating the Complex Regulations Governing Privacy in Telecommunications and Telemarketing

Ben Dickens & Sal Taillefer

Limits on the Private Sector: What the Health Care Industry Must Know About Its Privacy and Cybersecurity Responsibilities

Bill Dillon

Limits on the Private Sector: Protecting Privacy and Improving Security in Education and the Financial Industry

Christi Lawson & Robyn Blank

Total: $3,800

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