The Ins and Outs of Gambling in Florida

Marc Dunbar,
 Dean, Mead & Dunbar




This course will present a detailed look at gambling laws which impact Floridians. This course will focus on Florida statutes, rules, and interpretive court and administrative rulings which define the boundaries of legalized gambling in our state.  An overview of federal law and its impact on gambling in Florida will also be discussed.

Who Should Enroll?

Any business professional who works in the gaming industry should enroll in this course. Any professional who wants to gain a deeper understanding of gambling and parimutuel laws and legislation should also enroll in this course.

What You Will Learn:

You will learn various types of gambling and the types of legal lotteries permitted in Florida. You will understand the difference between games of chance and games of skill. You will discover the federal laws impacting gambling in Florida. You will examine Indian Gaming and how it is regulated.

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

Module 1: The Basics and the Boundaries

Module 2: Games of Chance

Module 3: Florida Lottery

Module 4: Commercial Gambling

Module 5: Slot Machines

Module 6: Indian Gaming

Available Credits:



  • Can I use this information for legal advice?

    This course is not meant to be construed as legal advice. The information learned may serve as a basis to guide you in the correct direction. However, Stoops Colab cannot be responsible for counsel within the context of this course.

  • What is my projected weekly time commitment?

    You can expect to spend 6-10 hours per week reviewing course content, engaging in interactive videos, and discussion board conversations. You will also have one live check-in with the instructor during the course.

  • Are there any textbooks or required course materials?

    No, there is not! Downloadable forms, transcripts, and other useful resources will be made available to all learners.

  • How will this course be graded?

    This is a pass/fail course. You must score 75% to complete the course.

  • In this completely virtual course, how will I interact with others?

    This innovative learning format allows hardworking professionals to conveniently meet, collaborate, and network with other business professionals. Discussion boards allow for engaging conversations as well as the check-ins with the instructor.
    We also encourage you to join the Stoops Colab Community to further engage with learners, instructors, and the community. For more information, click here.

  • Which certification does this course fall under?

    This is the first of five courses required in the Certification in Privacy Law and Policy though there are no prerequisites to taking this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Marc Dunbar

Dean, Mead & Dunbar


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