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When Private Companies Must Provide Information to the Government

Chris Burris,
 King & Spalding, LLP


How much access do they have?

Explore the legal issues involved in private sector companies providing information to the government.

Discover how information that is released to the government and other third parties is regulated, and learn how company, customer, and consumer data is protected. 

Who Should Enroll?

This course is a must for employees and employers in the private sector who report information to the government.  This course also is beneficial for those who work in the government and court system to understand the legalities in receiving private data.

What You Will Learn:

Learners will identify and recognize information provided to the government by private companies, third party regulations and consumer data. 

Here are the topics we’ll cover:

∙ Course Introduction and Basic 4th Amendment Jurisprudence

∙ Regulating the Provision of Private Sector Information to the Government–Part 1

∙ Regulating the Provision of Private Sector Information to the Government–Part 2

∙ Protecting Company/Customer/Consumer Data in the Face of Government Requests

∙ Scope/Breadth and Other Limitations on Government Data Requests

∙ Transnational Government Information Requests to Private Sector Companies

Available Credits:

The Continuing Legal Education (CLE) program provides quality legal education courses to members of The Florida Bar. This course has been approved for 4.5 CLE Credits by The Florida Bar’s Continuing Legal Education program.


  • Can I use this information for legal advice?

    This course is not meant to be construed as legal advice. The information learned may serve as a basis to guide you in the correct direction. However, Stoops Colab cannot be responsible for counsel within the context of this course.

  • What is my projected weekly time commitment?

    You can expect to spend 6-10 hours per week reviewing course content, engaging in interactive videos, and discussion board conversations. You will also have one live check-in with the instructor during the course.

  • Are there any textbooks or required course materials?

    No, there is not! Downloadable forms, transcripts, and other useful resources will be made available to all learners.

  • How will this course be graded?

    This is a pass/fail course. You must score 75% to complete the course.

  • In this completely virtual course, how will I interact with others?

    This innovative learning format allows hardworking professionals to conveniently meet, collaborate, and network with other business professionals.

    Discussion boards allow for engaging conversations as well as the check-ins with the instructor.

    We also encourage you to join the Stoops Colab Community to further engage with learners, instructors, and the community. For more information, click here.

  • Which certification does this course fall under?

    This is the second of four courses required in the Certification in Employment and Human Resources Law though there are no prerequisites to taking this course.

Meet Your Instructor

Chris Burris

King & Spalding, LLP

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